About Us

FoxFlue is the collection of the world’s mightiest superheroes who are on a mission to save the world!

Our superheroes at FoxFlue are a team of tech geeks who breathe in and out complex software solutions that have the potential to change the world. But that does not stop us from partying hard!

We can be building software solutions for the oil tanks in Qatar while working on a Robust Marketplace Software for a startup based in New York. Our range of solutions include Web development, Mobile app development, Website design, Cloud Solutions Development.

On the other hand, if you are someone who loves complex algorithms and doesn’t shy away from weekend parties, we would like to meet you. Check our career page :P

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About Our Founder

Meet the captain of the ship – Jahid Anowar.

With a humble beginning in Murshidabad, A small town in West Bengal, India, Jahid began his journey with website designing services. The team started with a dabbling setup in 2017 and it was on 13th January of 2020 when Foxflue (under the firm name Foxflue Network Private Limited) came into existence.

The company now serves a myriad of sectors with its best-in-class software solutions that could take you to the moon and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

Excited to learn more about us? Ping us right away and we would love to hear you out.

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