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Cloud native

Mobile apps are built on the cloud, which means that you can use the same codebase on any device.

Modern by default

Mobile first, responsive design, and a modern stack. Makes it adapt to all kind of mobile devices.

One of the trending solutions that is a major hit across the market is the native applications. This could be an awesome gaming app for your Android smartphone or something cute application for iOS. Better, there is an emergence of the next generation of apps called the hybrid app.

The best part? We have experts for all!

Benefits of Custom App Development

The leading reasons why you or your company should focus on investing the right custom app development is as follows:


Custom-built mobile applications ensure that no loopholes are left behind. We at Foxflue take this seriously as we ensure security protocols are implemented at every step.

Improved Customer Experience

Custom-built App ensure that you create deep, impactful relations with the initial set of customers. This could also mean that one can leverage analytics from Day1 and drive through to get the best solutions.

Complete Control

While most enterprises fail to understand the importance of user controls, we ensure that every target audience gets the right rights based on their involvement in the system.

Android Application Development Service

As per the latest stats, there are more than 2 billion Android phone users across the globe. This represents a magnum scale of its kind and a massive opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience. We at FoxFlue work round the clock to get the best in standards for companies all across the globe.

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iOS Application Development Service

Apple’s operating system, iOS, is the golden standard for the rest of the operating systems. The company’s stringent standards, well organised ecosystem and well protected environment ensures that nothing is left behind.

Hybrid Application Development Service

Hybrid application development services combine the best of both the worlds. It runs on web technologies but seems similar to native apps. This makes it light-weight and powerful at the same time and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

Your Needs and Our Approach

Before we jump into building your new app, we vet all the options carefully to provide you with the best solutions.

Here is our 5 step approach

1 Discovery Phase

In the discovery phase, we work with the clients to understand their requirements. Only after carefully understanding the requirements we move on to the next phase.

2 Strategy

Post decoding the requirements, we come up with an strategy that is custom built to satisfy your desires.

3 Front-end Development

For users to stay hooked, we believe in devising enticing front ends. Our team creates mockups and only after approval we start working on the software.

4 Backend Engineering

ware. Backend Engineering: The backend plays the most essential part and hence we stress more on the backend. Our team of engineers works day in and out to ensure nothing is left behind.

5 Quality Check & Deployment

Every stage in the process goes through an extensive quality check so that our clients avoid issues in the future.

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