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Cloud native

Web apps are built on the cloud, which means that you can use the same codebase on any device.

Modern by default

Mobile first, responsive design, and a modern stack. Makes it adapt to all kind of mobile devices.

The pandemic ushered us to a new era where digital presence matters more than physical. Your website is your ultimate image in the digital domain and we wish everyone to take this carefully. However, what stops one from having a web presence? While cost could be a dominant factor, it is the ignorance that’s costing them hundreds of dollars every month. Meet Foxflue! The software development agency that establishes your brand on a website. Here are the services we provide.

Website Development Solution That Every Business Needs

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites offer top notch shopping experience to customers. These stores are often the winning advantage for your business that gets you high conversions.

Blog/Personal Website

Best suited for small or medium sized companies, personal websites and blogs are highly competitive. With us, you can get interactive websites for your business that highlights your unique talents.

Informative Website

The emphasis of such websites is on delivering facts and data to the viewers. Informative and data-driven websites offer guidelines, tutorials, or manuals and thus, need to be carefully crafted.

Service Portal Website

These are high-functioning websites that enable the users, may it be customers, suppliers, partners, or employees, to execute significant transactions such as managing support tickets, paying bills, etc.

Business Website

Business Websites that track every moment of the market and update you with the latest news so that you don’t miss the track.

Online Communities

Online communities are websites where all the members regularly interact with each other, generating heavy traffic. Such websites thrive on user-friendly designs.

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Being a part of a leading website development company in West Bengal, our developers hold tremendous years of experience and wide-ranging knowledge in shaping a digital entity that accurately reflects the client’s expectations.

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Your Needs and Our Approach

Before we jump into building your spaceship, we vet all the options carefully to provide you with the best solutions.

Here is our 5 step approach

1 Discovery Phase

In the discovery phase, we work with the clients to understand their requirements. Only after carefully understanding the requirements we move on to the next phase.

2 Strategy

Post decoding the requirements, we come up with an strategy that is custom built to satisfy your desires.

3 Front-end Development

For users to stay hooked, we believe in devising enticing front ends. Our team creates mockups and only after approval we start working on the software.

4 Backend Engineering

ware. Backend Engineering: The backend plays the most essential part and hence we stress more on the backend. Our team of engineers works day in and out to ensure nothing is left behind.

5 Quality Check & Deployment

Every stage in the process goes through an extensive quality check so that our clients avoid issues in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Develop a Website?

A web app is a web application that is designed to be accessed through a web browser. It is a web application that is designed to be accessed through a web browser. It is a web application that is designed to be accessed through a web browser.

What technologies do you use?

We use the industry standard technologies like React or Vue based frameworks to build the web app frontend. For backend we use NodeJS and ExpressJS or Laravel Framework.

How long has FoxFlue been in the industry?

It was back in 2017 when our founder started as a solopreneur in the industry. Finally, It was in 2020 when the company got incorporated.

Do You Sign NDA Before Getting On To The Project?

All our projects go through a comprehensive discovery session post which we sign an NDA that safeguards the digital assets of us and our customers.

Do You Provide Support, Maintenance, and Upgradation Services?

Yes. Our company goes the extra mile to satisfy our customers. We do provide support, maintenance, and upgradation services.

How Can I Pay For Your Services?

Generally, we accept direct bank transfers and PayPal from our clients. However, we are open to other options as well based on client needs.

How long a web app project lasts?

There is no certainty in how long a web app would take to be built. But despite the uncertainty, we ensure an error-free product built within a feasible time frame.

Where do we start?

Schedule a call so I can learn about your product and we can discuss the best way to help you meet your goals. I only work with two people each month so book a call now to avoid missing out.

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